About me.

As a freelance Digital Product Designer, I’ve spent 7+ years creating, directing, and optimizing user experiences for companies of all shapes and sizes. Beginning my career as a studio product photographer, I soon climbed to Senior Graphic Designer while working at a large digital marketing agency. After transitioning into a leadership role as an Art Director at a full-service B2B agency, I then discovered my love for developing digital products.

I’m passionate about solving visual communication and user engagement challenges. I apply a modern take on traditional design methods and foster big ides that focus on the future of users. B2C, B2B, B2G, B2Whatever... I take the time to get to know both sides of the conversation – understanding the full range of your value, and highlighting the pursuits of your audience.

The projects I work on include:

  • Designing mobile apps
  • Creating responsive web applications
  • Deploying/marketing strategy
  • Developing ecommerce websites
  • Designing user flow/information architecture

Creating an engaging user experience doesn’t happen in a vacuum! I'm not afraid to roll-up my sleeves and coordinate the many skillsets involved in creative fulfillment:

  • I have experience managing and directing creative teams consisting of developers, writers, strategists, designers, and more
  • I'm an expert in brand identity and communication design
  • I'm an experienced photographer and can direct studio-based product photography and videos
  • I am a skilled front-end developer with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with building websites using WordPress, Squarespace, and Drupal
  • I have experience working in creative director, project management, and client engagement roles

While my background includes extensive self teaching and hands-on experience, I’m academically trained as well... I hold two Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design, with degrees in Advertising/Graphic Design and Photography.