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stories of digital design and business strategy


A fully responsive application that scans life insurance policies for fraud, and allows clients to pursue legal action.

Care Cutz

Creating a mobile app the connects those in the special needs community with barbers and stylists to provide salon services.


Simplifying a complicated B2G purchasing experience to provide an intuitive platform for cities and municipalities.

Brand Networks

Restrategizing an established B2B brand and creating an all new user experience design.

One Raft

Leveraging game-mechanics to enable users to donate to local charities through their everyday purchasing habits.

Geva Theatre

Re-energizing a historic brand identity, and creating a dynamic seating and purchasing user experience.

Clio Studio Management

A responsive application for movie and film studios to manage shooting schedules, scripts, and project budgets.

Revel Woods

Developing a unique e-commerce platform that allows users to sample and purchase hardwood flooring.


Creating a responsive online experience that simplifies a large skillset through custom iconography and illustration.

Cabot Wrenn

Designing an upscale user experience and optimized sales tools for a B2B furniture manufacturer.

Sanitary Fittings

Developing an easy to use B2B e-commerce web presence fully integrated with marketing and sales channels.

St. John Fisher College

Developing user-friendly interfaces displayed in various buildings around the college campus.

Carlile Patchen & Murphy

Developing a modern brand for a cutting-edge law firm, that makes finding legal services in tough times frustration-free.

The Token Ring

Creating a focused brand and e-commerce solution for a new wearable technology company.


Establishing a consistent brand message and user-focused web experience for a food manufacturer.

Ratnik Industries

Creating a responsive website for a B2B snow systems manufacturer, that educates the user throughout the sales journey.

AAF Columbus

Refreshing an outdated brand and developing a unified user experience throughout digital and print marketing channels.


Developing a coordinating online and print sales catalog that makes a complex product easy to buy.