Sanitary Fittings

Sanitary Fittings is a leading distributor of stainless steel fittings for food processing and pharmaceutical industries. With an outdated e-commerce experience, Sanitary Fitting’s was quickly losing online marketshare to it’s growing competition.

Starting with a brand refresh, I worked with the existing iconography and color palette to modernize the logo lockup. This provided us with a new brand direction, that was then organized into a brand guide and used as the foundation for the user experience design.

Working with a large product offering, I then helped Sanitary Fittings develop a product structure that made sense to buyers. This new product strategy was expanded further to detail the site’s overall content structure and information architecture.

Using the updated content layout, I then developed interactive wireframes that displayed each page’s unique features and functionalities. These wireframes were then used to test the overall purchasing experience and optimize our various buyer paths for conversion.After rounds of wireframe testing, I then created a modern e-commerce experience that makes finding the right part and correct size a quick process.