Created In Partnership With:

Pro-Tech Marketing Department, Makeway Agency

Project Overview

Pro-Tech has been proudly building the most durable snow plows on the road for over 20 years. While they make a wide range of snow plows for any kind of situation or vehicle, most of their audience was having trouble ordering a proper fitting product.

This pain-point became the main focus that our communication efforts needed to solve. To create an easy understanding of their full inventory and parts list, I first refined their digital product catalog to further educate users on their existing website.

After gaining valuable user feedback from the digital product catalog, I then transitioned this visual design into a printed product catalog. This printed product catalog was used by sales staff as a leave-behind piece when talking onsite or would be mailed directly to a customer’s address. The print catalog also included a detailed overview spanning the full range of Pro-Tech’s offerings, comprehensive product details and uses, and an in-depth breakdown of each product’s specs.

Using the visual design established in both the digital and print product catalogs, I then created sales material to advertise new products and services through downloads, white-papers, brochures, direct mail, and print ads.