Ratnik Industries

Created In Partnership With:

Ratnik Marketing Team, Makeway Agency

Project Overview

Ratnik Industries is the leading snow systems manufacturer for ski facilities and mountain resorts worldwide. After getting penalized in search engine rankings and losing valuable traction in the online marketplace, we determined a refreshed brand and an updated user experience was needed in order to stay at the peak of the industry.

To start, I organized content into a site map and created a purchasing flow that educated the user throughout the online experience. I then worked under direct client feedback to create detailed interactive wireframes, highlighting the key layout and functionality on each page.

After gathering usability feedback from the interactive wireframes, I then developed a responsive user experience design. This UX design organized products by industry categories and pushed visitors into the salesforce integrated conversion funnel.

Partnering as a frontend developer I ensured the experience design was fufilled by leading the team with a custom UI style guide.