StormTech has been providing industry-leading chambers for stormwater and drain management to cities and municipalities for over 50 years. With the company losing valuable traction in online marketshare, we determined it was necessary for the company to improve its outdated user experience to engage the brand further with consumers.

Working with the existing brand and its parent company, I helped modernize StormTech by refreshing the outdated logo, updating colors and fonts, and repositioning the market strategy. This new direction was organized into a brand guide that served internally to unify the communication strategies between the child and parent companies.

Working with the client's wide rage of products and services, I then simplified the offering to users by organizing the large skillset into groupings already familiar to the target audience. This new product and service structure was expanded further to establish the website’s sitemap and informational architecture.

With a detailed content organization achieved, I then created interactive wireframes that displayed each page’s unique layout and functionality across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. This allowed for test groups to view and comment on the online experience, while I worked to optimize each page for maximum sales conversion.

After developing the website’s structure, I then designed a fully responsive website design that simplified the client’s skillset. Integrated with new imagery, custom illustrations, and Salesforce technology, the updated user experience produces an easy path for users to purchase.