Geva Theatre

Created In Partnership With:

Geva Theatre Marketing Team, Makeway Agency

Project Overview

Geva Theatre is a local gem tucked in the heart of Rochester, NY. The historic theater hosts a variety of performances and events, and boasts about it’s intimate seating options. However, the theatre had been drawing crowds primarily 50+ years in age, missing the vital connection with younger demographics.

To engage the brand further with a younger local audience, we gathered user feedback that provided valuable insight into their current (outdated) user experience. These insights were first applied to update the current brand identity and messaging.

A feature that was highlighted in our user research was the need to choose a seat from a map of the theatre before purchasing tickets. This custom feature was first sketched out, then added to the wireframe before finally being built into an interactive prototype to test the functionality with users before being developed.

Using the existing website analytics in addition to our research, I then created a detailed information architecture, purchasing flow, and responsive wireframes of the new user experience. This was then presented and reviewed by the client in an organized interactive presentation.

To further personalize the ticket buying experience, I partnered as a frontend developer to help create a fully responsive e-commerce platform. The purchasing experience was then topped off with a custom widget that allowed users to search for an event within a specific date, location, and price range.