Created In Partnership With:

Soyboy Marketing Department, Makeway Agency

Project Overview

Soyboy is an all-natural organic, non-GMO tofu and tempeh food manufacturer. Based on feedback and market research, we determined that the brand was flaunting an outdated user experience that failed to grab the attention of consumers and grocers alike.

My first step was to organize their user feedback to develop a list of key features to be added to the new experience. Then, I created a content structure along with a detailed sitemap and user flow that formed the strategic foundation for the website design.

Using the initial strategy combined with the current site analytics, I developed interactive wireframes for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices using rapid prototyping tools (Sketch and InVision). This provided valuable architecture and usability optimization insight before the final experience design was created.

To combat the site’s lack of engagement, I developed a new user experience built to showcase the unique dishes and recipes that can be created with each product. In an effort to add some excitement to the online experience, I created digital animations used as rollovers and pop-up effects queued on user interaction.

Wielding user feedback from testing the responsive design prototpes, I then assisted in development of the responsive website. Partnering with the development team, I fulfilled web animations and created a UI style guide that organized the design’s unique themes and effects.