Entergy is a Fourtune 500 energy company who produces and distributes electric and gas utilities to retail and commercial users in the Deep South of the United States. With their 2.9 million customers, they wanted to develop a mobile app to provide users with an additional option for support, bill payment, usage tracking, and much more.

Working alongside Mindgrub Technologies, I produced interactive wireframes and mobile screen designs that were delivered in Sprints (as part of an Agile Project Management methodology). All interactive wireframes were presented to the iOS and Android development teams prior to design, ensuring that dependancies were captured across various user flows. Once given approval from the development teams, I then created mobile designs that I presented to the client prior to implementation.

All screen designs were reviewed with iOS and Android development teams prior to development to ensure all dependancies we captured across various work flows.

Data visualizations make it easy for the customer to track their monthly energy usage while projecting upcoming costs.