Created In Partnership With:

Panduit Marketing Department, WD Partners, Makeway Agency

Project Overview

Panduit is a global manufacturer of physical infrastructure equipment that support power, communications, computing, control, and security systems. So what does all of that mean? Well, that was their main problem.

My first action was to organize their massive product inventory into collections of industries, creating a new sitemap structure. Working with a CAD rendering of a virtual 3D city that displayed their various industries, I developed interactive prototypes to create the foundation for the user experience.

With the insights gained through user testing the interactive prototypes, I then produced a web application that naturally responds throughout mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Finally, I created a user interface designed specifically for touchscreen kiosks displayed in the client’s showroom. Using the responsive website as the main source of architecture and user flow, I applied rapid prototyping tools to create an interactive design before the native application was developed.