Care Cutz

Founded in 2009, Care Cutz is a social enterprise connecting those in the special needs community with barbers and stylists to provide salon services through responsive app technology.

I partnered with Care Cutz in the early stages of the company’s formation to help lay the groundwork for the brand’s communication strategy. Leading with an ultra-intuitive approach, I established a direct and informal tone that simplifies the search process, and makes booking an appointment as easy as a few taps.

After a communication strategy was established, I then researched the competitive landscape to find points of opportunity within the market to separate ourselves from the competition. This formed a list of user requirements and provided the foundation for the mobile app's sitemap, while detailing the user flow needed to schedule an appointment.

Once a dynamic information architecture was formed, I then developed interactive wireframes of the mobile app - providing a clear overview of the “client-facing” and “provider-facing” application experiences. These wireframes were tested by users on mobile devices to ensure the user interface provided the necessary flow.

Since the apps' users can have a wide range of disabilities and special needs, I focused on making it easy for providers to accommodate to these specifications. By allowing providers to view disabilities and special requirements upfront, the app helps match users with experiences that meet their unique needs.

Finally, I optimized the user interface to be ADA compliant, and packed extra features into the mobile app to help make the experience as intuitive as possible for users.