Verashield was founded in 2018 with one mission in mind – help clients who have been persuaded into a fraudulent life insurance policy get the compensation that they deserve.

Since the company operates inside the intricacies of a complex industry, the project started by researching various life insurance policies and determining opportunities within the market. This analysis was coupled with an in-depth report on our target audience, which provided a foundation for the application's various user flows (client-facing, attorney-facing, and admin-facing).

I first on developed a brand that matched the company’s core beliefs, while owning a unique position in the marketplace. Through rounds of strategy, ideation, and refinement I produced a logo that embodied the company’s confident legal expertise and a communication strategy that empowers its audience through education.

With the brand brought to life, I then developed an online presence for Verashield that provided a simplified overview of the company’s unique process. The website allowed users to enter their policy information and determine if their life insurance plan was fraudulent. The site experience also served as the starting point for users to enter into the online application.

After developing the website, I then created interactive wireframes of the online application to support our various user flows. These interactive wireframes were then tested by our audience, and optimized by our team for performance.

With the interactive wireframes completed, I then produced a fully-responsive web app. Complete with custom iconography, videos, and dynamic content, the online application serves as the user's control center to review and provide action on their legal case.