Clio Studio Management

Clio Studio Management is a personal assistant for the film and movie industry. It allows studios to organize their staff, manage daily tasks, create dynamic scripts, edit shooting schedules (via stripboards), compare various production budgets, and so much more.

Tailored specifically to the movie and film industry, I conducted comprehensive market research noting opportunity points along the way. This research established the development of important features and functionalities needed in the application.

This organization of “must-have” features and functionalities provided the groundwork for me to develop a detailed sitemap. Since the online application includes multiple user types (admin, team lead, production, etc.) we organized various content flows to ensure that all features and capabilities were relevant to its permission level.

Utilizing the intensive information architecture created, I then developed interactive wireframes to view the various screen layouts across phones, tablets, and computers. This allowed me to test the overall layout with users and make refinements to user flows before beginning on the design.

After thoroughly testing and reviewing the wireframes, I then created a fully responsive user experience design for the responsive web application. Through use of color, typography, and messaging the app expresses one-of-a-kind features that stand out inside the industry.

With the brand strategy and user experience design completed, I then proceeded to create a logo that exemplified the company’s core beliefs while positioning the brand as an industry-leader. Using the research gathered previously, I began the logo design through rounds of sketching, eventually moving the favorites into vectors. With three unique ideas to choose from, I then worked with the client to produce a final logo that’s true to the brand's core values.